A Brief History Of Decay

Written By: Olivier Peru, Simon Champelovier, Sophian Cholet
Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain. Zombies have taken their place, and nothing can stop them. Is this the end of humanity? Perhaps, but for some it is only the beginning.

Six billion living corpses are all that remains of civilization. Among the few survivors is Sam Coleman, a man who owes his salvation to Smith & Wesson and a little luck. Fleeing Seattle at the onset of the zombie outbreak, he was forced to leave his daughter behind. Yet now that silence has fallen over the city, he believes that she may still be alive. And his conscience serves up a constant reminder that to be human in this grim world is to have hope—and to keep fighting.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 4/4/2017
ISBN: 9781608878628
Pages: 152
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11.25

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Olivier Peru, Author: A prolific writer, illustrator, and designer, Olivier Peru is part of the new generation of comic creators. He is the author of numerous comic series including Zombies, Elves, and Assassin.

Simon Champelovier, Colorist: A graduate of the Émile Cohl School in France, Simon Champelovier has worked on many graphic novels and comics throughout Europe, primarily as a colorist.

Sophian Cholet, Illustrator: Sophian Chalet grew up loving the works of Herge, Todd McFarlane, and Otomo. After studying at Studio M Montpellier, he picked up work in animated shorts, illustrated for magazines, taught cartooning, and learned how to be a professional himself. He then launched his first comics project at Festival Angouleme, which led to his working relationship with Oliver Peru on Zombies.