Unplug [Mini Book]

Meditations & Inspirations

“Almost everything will work if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” ––Anne Lamott

With the constant barrage of news feeds, notifications, and social media demanding our attention almost every minute of our day, it has become critical for us to take a digital break and unplug. Stepping away from our screens, however, is proving to be increasingly more difficult in today’s constant, hyperconnected, technological world. How can we mindfully connect to the present moment and allow ourselves to fully enter into the here and now?

Dive into the insightful words of writers, thinkers, and seekers who grapple with the way media shapes our consciousness. Let these quotes act as a guide to reflect on and cherish everyday experiences without digital technology and bring critical awareness on how technology is overtaking our lives.

Unplug mini book invites us to disconnect from the never-ending data stream inundating our lives so that we can reconnect with ourselves.

150 QUOTES: Open to any page for inspiration from writers and thinkers including Eckhart Tolle, Henry David Thoreau, Alan Watts, and Deepak Chopra

POCKET SIZE: This compact mini book fits easily in a pocket or purse for easy access to wisdom and inspiration whenever it’s needed

CREATE COMFORT AND CALM: Each quote is an invitation for self-reflection that can help us move towards clarity, presence, and mindful being

BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Lovely hand-drawn illustrations add a layer of beauty and joy to each quote

COMPLETE THE SERIES COLLECTION: Deepen your mindfulness practice with Unplug: A Day and Night Journal for Cultivating Off-Screen Well-Being
Format: PLC
Publication Date: 5/24/2022
ISBN: 9781647226435
Pages: 256
Trim Size: 2.5 x 3.5 x 1