The Complete Cocktail Manual [Flexibound]

Recipes and Tricks of the Trade for Modern Mixologists

Written By: Lou Bustamante
The Complete Cocktail Manual will help you stock your bar, plan a drinks menu, and create the perfect cocktail, from worldwide classics to creative new combinations. More than 85 cocktail recipes are included throughout, as well as recipes for mocktails, tinctures, simple syrups, and unique twists on beloved classics.

Learn what makes the difference between an antique old-fashioned and a modern one, get the twist right for your muddling, and know which tools to use for which cocktails.

Entertain with ease, with advice on food pairings to set up, party punches to supply quantities. Helpful tips include how to hack your garnish and set a drink aflame—the right way—and advice for dealing with intoxicated guests and next-day hangovers.

This is a must-read volume for any spirits fan, casual mixologist, or craft cocktail enthusiast.

A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE: Expand your home bar set up with step-by-step instructions, easy-to-follow recipes, tool guides, and shopping lists. Learn all about liquors, mixers, bar tools, hospitality, and more.

INCLUDES EVERY KIND OF COCKTAIL: Get the best recipes for every type of drink, from aperitifs to citrus, spirit-forward to spicy, and the classics to the most-Googled, in all their many forms.

: The Complete Cocktail Manual includes dozens of great recipes to help you craft the perfect cocktail or mocktail.

This essential guide is written by spirits writer and expert Lou Bustamante, in partnership with the United States Bartenders’ Guild, and packed with expert tips from bartenders across the globe.

: The Complete Cocktail Manual features 500+ full-color photos and illustrations throughout to inspire and ensure success.

PERFECT GIFT: This manual is a quintessential addition for any home bar and is perfect for the cocktail lover or modern mixologist in your life.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 9/13/2022
ISBN: 9781681888958
Pages: 256
Trim Size: 7.5 x 9.5 x .9

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Lou Bustamante, Author: Lou Bustamante is the author of The Complete Cocktail Manual, and a freelance writer covering the bar and cocktail scene for local and national publications. Aside from being a prolific cocktail drinker, he has also filled a considerable number of roles within the spirits industry, including working at a distillery and behind the bar.