The Complete Book of Clean

Tips & Techniques for Your Home

Written By: Toni Hammersley
Learn the best seasons to tackle home projects, storage solutions to simplify the process, and sweet natural solutions for every room and fixture. This book will help you tackle every mess, stain, and dust-magnet, and keep things from getting out of hand in the future—all while being friendly to the environment and keeping toxic chemicals out of your home.

Whether you’re a neat freak or new to the world of homekeeping, let Toni Hammersley be your guide to establishing routines, learning techniques and mastering the best home cleaning hacks out there. Learn what needs a deep-clean and how often, how to substitute essential oils and pantry basics for store-bought chemicals and what to do about the toughest homekeeping dilemmas. Soon you’ll find that no matter the number of pets, kids, or others in your home, cleanliness is easier than you ever imagined.
Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 7/16/2019
ISBN: 9781681884691
Pages: 224
Trim Size: 6.75 x 8.5 x .6

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Toni Hammersley, Author: Toni Hammersley is the bestselling author of The Complete Book of Home Organization and creator and writer of, an organizing website that inspires people to get their lives in order. She hosts a popular organizing challenge each year, aimed at helping others conquer clutter. She is also a registered nurse and photographer. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina.