Designs of Futures Past Limited Edition

Written By: James Mottram

Limited Edition of 500

Available on March 26, 2024
This special collector’s set comes in a bespoke presentation box that includes a limited-edition copy of The Art of the Creator that has been bound in Saifu cloth, debossed and foil stamped, a portfolio of three lithographic prints featuring concept art from the film, which was selected by director Gareth Edwards and production designer James Clyne, an edition of the True Love graphic novel that was used to pitch the movie, which has never been printed before, and a limited-edition James Clyne sketchbook, showing his extraordinary working drawings.
ISBN: 9798886633757

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The set also includes a limited-edition statue of a robot monk, which was created especially for this edition under the careful supervision of production designer James Clyne. The statue is based on the original VFX files used in the movie, and the base bears Clyne’s signature.

Each copy of the artifact edition has been numbered by hand and signed by the film’s director Gareth Edwards and production designer James Clyne.

11.5" x 10.5" Hardcover Book, Clamshell Box, Portfolio and 3 Art Prints, Graphic Novel, Sketchbook, Statue, Numbered Signature Card