Pin Game Strong

Collect, Create, and Celebrate Your Ultimate Enamel Pin Collection

Written By: Eduardo Morales
Popping up on countless jackets, backpacks, totes, and hats, enamel pins have taken the world by storm. Portable, collectible, and totally adorable, pins are the perfect accessory for expressing your pop culture fandom, obscure obsessions, and artistic ambitions.

Now, wildly popular Instagram pin curator @pinlord showcases top creators and pin designs from all over the world in this colorful, giftable book. Including over one hundred full-color photos, the book details how anyone can create their dream pin designs and share them with the world.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 10/16/2018
ISBN: 9781683834731
Pages: 128
Trim Size: 7 x 7 x .8

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Eduardo Morales, Author: Making a full-time living from his enamel pin business, @pinlord, Eduardo Morales creates content focused on giving people the knowledge and resources to express their creativity and earn an income through making and selling enamel pins. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, living a pin-filled life with his awesome wife, Romany Pope.