Mindfulness [Mini Book]

Meditations & Inspirations

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult. We just need to remember to do it.” — Sharon Salzberg

Proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and cultivate positivity, mindfulness is the simple, conscious act of being present in the moment. While most often associated with meditation, mindfulness can be so much more: an intentionally drawn breath to calm your heart rate, a meal eaten without distractions, or a focused midday walk.

Mindfulness mini book is a compact collection of quotes, reflections, and wisdom from writers, thinkers, and seekers to inspire you to embrace stillness and cultivate calm.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 1/11/2022
ISBN: 9781647225780
Pages: 256
Trim Size: 2.5 x 3.5 x .9