Endless Summer Vol. 1

Dead Man's Curve

Written By: Shane Patrick White, B. Clay Moore
Former FBI agent Scott Ivory gathers a group of young kids to counter communist and criminal activities on the streets of the California coast. With a modest budget and a loose agenda, his simple counterintelligence program quickly becomes an outlet for Ivory to use for his own designs, and the kids become pawns in a game of tug-of-war between government agents.

A dark spin on early sixties pop culture, Endless Summer Vol. 1: Dead Man’s Curve is based on 1960s Huntington Beach, California—a thrilling sunshine-noir graphic novel rampant with drugs, murder, and government espionage.
Format: Softbound
Publication Date: 6/7/2022
ISBN: 9781683834458
Pages: 112
Trim Size: 7.75 x 10.25

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Shane Patrick White, Artist: Shane Patrick White spent much of his childhood in the Seaway Valley of Northern New York, a time which he recounted in his graphic novel, North Country. His other projects include Fear Agent, Hawaiian Dick, and Things Undone, in addition to his work as an illustrator, graphic designer, concept artist, and storyboard artist.

B. Clay Moore, Writer: B. Clay Moore has written for DC, Marvel, Image, Oni and many more, but is perhaps best known for Hawaiian Dick, currently in development in Hollywood. Other titles Moore is known for are The Expatriate, Battle Hymn, The Whistling Skull, and Savage.