Dharma Deck

Wisdom of the Vedas

Written By: Shawn Laksmi
Humility, realization, hope and fulfillment, freedom, progress and reality—wouldn't you like to hear what the sages have had to say on these matters? Each card in this soulful deck offers a pure moment of sincere reflection. From the timeless wisdom that gave birth to such concepts as karma, mantra, and samsara, comes 52 enlightening adages. On Words: No enemy, weapon, poison, or terrible illness can upset someone like harsh words. No moon, water, sandalwood paste, or cool breeze can refresh someone as sweet words can. — Bhagavad Gita On Consciousness: As fire lights the wood it consumes, so the soul illuminates the body with consciousness. — Srimad Bhagavatam Offering insight and inspiration from mother India's Vedic tradition, these cards also feature breathtaking imagery of her sacred lands and people.
Format: Kit
Publication Date: 12/30/2008
ISBN: 9781601090317
Pages: 52 cards
Trim Size: 4 x 4 x 1.3

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Shawn Laksmi, Author: In photography, as in life, Shawn Laksmi approaches it in a holistic and natural way, striving to capture the essence of one’s inner and outer beauty. With peaceful intentions she aims to bring meaning and purpose to every image. Using light, nature and spirit to document, awaken, and inspire.

Shawn has worked with Buzz, Los Angeles, and Jump magazines and exploring the field of photography as producer, manager, photographer, and photo editor, and eventually found myself traveling the world with camera in hand, exploring Europe, India, Indonesia, and Australia. India is Lakshmi's greatest inspiration. She has been published in National Geographic, the Yogi Times, Namarupa, and the Whole Life Times.