Court of the Dead: Rise of the Reaper General

An Illustrated Novel

Written By: Rachel Roubicek, Fabian Schlaga, Ricky Lovas, Tom Gilliland, Beatrice van Slee
Read the epic tale of Demithyle’s humble origin and selfless accession in Rise of The Reaper General, an illustrated novella featuring vivid illustrations and a gripping origin story that will inspire readers to join the Underworld in its rise against the corrupt celestial realms that rule us all.

Dare to discover the truth, and you shall find that the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell is not a battle of good versus evil but a futile war between order and chaos. In such a universe, there are only those with power and those without it—and mortals are most definitely without. In the dark fantasy universe of the Court of the Dead, the savage war between Heaven and Hell is fueled by mortal souls. Death and his Court are the unlikely heroes who struggle to overcome their dark natures in order to restore balance to all the realms.
Format: Hardbound
Publication Date: 8/3/2021
ISBN: 9781683831242
Pages: 480
Trim Size: 7.75 x 10

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Tom Gilliland, Created by: Tom Gilliland has led the creative direction of Sideshow Collectibles for the last 17 years. A head full of D&D and heavy metal imagery, coupled with a near-death experience, have formed the genesis of Tom's exploration of the darker aspects of heroism, along with an appreciation for the twisted and subversive. All these elements were paramount in his creation of the world of Court of the Dead.

Beatrice van Slee, Author: Beatrice van Slee is the author of Court of the Dead: Rise of the Reaper General. She spends most of her days in darkened rooms thinking about impossible things, emerging only at night in the wintertime to look for her favorite constellation, wishing for snow. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.