IncrediBuilds: Harry Potter: House-Elves Deluxe Book and Model Set


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An insider’s look at the beloved house-elves of the Harry Potter films, complete with a do-it-yourself 3D wood model of Dobby!

Loyal and devoted to the wizards and witches they serve, house-elves are some of the most beloved magical beings of the wizarding world. With a special focus on Harry Potter’s friend Dobby, this model and book set provides a thrilling behind-the-scenes look at how house-elves were brought to life for the Harry Potter films, from early designs to filmmaking secrets. Build your own Dobby with the included do-it-yourself wood model and embark on a unique and interactive journey through the world of Harry Potter.

Skill Level: Easy

Product Information

Age 8+
Assembled Size 8.66 x 3.23 x 3.11
Pieces 26
Skill Easy
UPC 854725006270
Format Hardbound
Publication Date 6/28/2016
ISBN 9781682980057
Page Count 32
Trim Size 7.5 x 9