A Year of Activities, Recipes, & Crafts From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Ashley Eckstein

Recipes by Elena P. Craig • Crafts by Kelly Knox

Below you'll find all of the templates you need to create the crafts featured in Star Wars Everyday

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January - Hope

Rebel Symbol Template

April - Friendship

Pin the Buns of Leia Template

May - Celebration

Salacious Crumb's Bakeshop Logo

July - Discovery

Grogu Paper Bag Puppet 

August - Power

Knowledge is Power Trivia Cards & Questions

Make Your Own (No-Sew) Jedi Robe Hood

September - Patience

Learn Aurebesh Decoder Template

Fulcrum Template

October - Dark Side

Dark Side Décor Death Star Wall Oval 

November - Family

Millennium Falcon Template

December - Give

Boba's Bounty Felt Helmet Template