Friends: The One with the Crochet 


Rachel Green Doll, page 15:


"With D and smaller hook" should be "With C and smaller hook"

Friends Beanie, page 72:

Replace "Stop here and using C, D, E and a tapestry needle, add colored circles as shown on the chart. Faston off," with "As shown in the photo, fasten off..."

Paddling Away Canoe Sweater, page 107:

Please see revised color key in both jpeg and eps versions of this chart (Canoe Stitch Fiddle)

Rachel's Crochet Blanket, page 178:

Download the chart on

Pivot Washcloth Set, page 182:

Please see the below additional colors to use for this project:

#24466 Pomegranate, 2 skeins

#29530 Marigold, 2 skeins

#23995 Linen, 2 skeins