Ask the Author

Tara Theoharis, author of Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! The Official Cookbook



What's your favorite recipe in the book?

I can't pick just one! When I'm looking for a healthy, hearty lunch, I'll prep a batch of suspicious stew with kale for the greens. When I'm craving something comforting and chocolatey, I make the cocoa chunk cookies. And if you leave me alone for too long, I could eat an entire batch of smelted nuggets or hoglins and lava by myself.

Minecraft Cookbook

How much time does it take to develop a recipe?

If the inspiration comes quickly and I've made a similar recipe before, the whole thing can come together in an hour. But some recipes take multiple tests and rounds of research to perfect--those could take a few days by themselves!

Have you always had an interest in cooking?

I enjoyed cooking growing up, but didn't become super interested in it until after college. I wanted to learn some basics and created the blog "The Geeky Hostess" ( as a way to hold myself accountable. I started by making dishes inspired by my favorite games, movies, and shows, and invited friends over for theme parties. Soon enough, I was the friend who made custom cupcakes for everyone's birthday! Creating recipes based on fandoms means I'm stretching outside of my comfort zone and trying dishes I may not have otherwise. It's been a really fun way to learn.

What's something unexpected/unique/fun about this cookbook that you think players/community members will love?

The recipes are deeper than just Minecraft-themed names. For instance, "Husks" are tamales (because of their corn husks) and the contents of the tamales are items Husks drop in-game: potatoes, carrots, and (chicken) flesh.

What do you love most about Minecraft?

Minecraft truly has something for everyone: You can create, explore, fight, or play alone, with friends, or strangers. Sometimes my son and I like to log in just to look at the different animals--it's surprisingly peaceful!


Tara Theoharis is the creator of the recipe and party blog The Geeky Hostess and author of the Minecrafter's Cookbook (Sky Pony Press), Break An Egg: The Broadway Cookbook (Insight Editions), and Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide (Insight Editions). She loves creating approachable recipes inspired by her favorite fandoms. When not experimenting in the kitchen, she can be found playing games and binging TV shows with her husband and son in Seattle.