Fun with IncrediBuilds at the Downtown San Rafael Farmers’ Market

On August 4, 2016, IncrediBuilds was at the San Rafael Farmers’ Market! The booth was located on the corner of A and 4th Streets in downtown San Rafael, California, with a display of fully-formed IncrediBuilds models. We also invited people to win a free sample IncrediBuilds kit and key chain.

IncrediBuilds had a great reception! Many people enjoyed checking out their favorite models, learning more about IncrediBuilds, and winning free giveaways. Thank you to all those who stopped by to visit us.

If you missed the Farmers’ Market and didn’t get to check out our booth, please take a look at the photos below! And if you missed us, don’t worry; you’ll have another chance to check out IncrediBuilds in the future!

IncrediBuilds at the San Rafael Farmers’ Market

On August 4th, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., IncrediBuilds will be at the downtown San Rafael Farmers’ Market located on Fourth Street in San Rafael, California!

We will be showcasing our do-it-yourself, customizable, freestanding wooden models that are sure to delight people of all ages. The 3D wood models offer something for everyone, whether you enjoy arts and crafts, model building, animals, insects, or pop culture movies. Informative and interactive, both kids and adults can use these projects to explore their creativity and create unique, displayable art. We will also have fun giveaways at our booth!

If you haven’t been to the downtown San Rafael Farmers’ Market, there are tons of food and great live music. It showcases nearly one hundred local farmers, hot food purveyors, artisans, prepared food vendors, restaurants, and downtown businesses.

Come on down on Thursday, August 4th to check us out!

IncrediBuilds Review Round-Up

Since IncrediBuilds has launched, we have gotten a lot of feedback about  our IncrediBuilds models! From online articles to YouTube vloggers, we have heard what everyone has to say. To hear about personal experiences with IncrediBuilds, please check out the reviews below.


Dino Nuggets TV is a big fan of the game Destiny and was “particularly excited to geek out and build this model.” His pro tips include taking a picture of the piece placement diagram so you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth between piece diagram and the model you are building. And if you don’t build models regularly, the Sparrow can be a bit tedious and it is more of an intermediate skill level. Check out the full video here: “The Dig | Destiny Wood Sparrow Model.” The Destiny Wood Sparrow model arrives in bookstores this fall!

TTPM Toy Reviews recommends being careful when you punch out the pieces because they can snap easily when too much force is applied. Their favorite part? The 32-page book all about the TIE Fighter — it’s great for Star Wars fans. Watch the entire short video here: “Star Wars TIE Fighter Deluxe Model and Book Set from Incredibuilds.”

Cultura & Próxima Leitura features a detailed review for the Harry Potter IncrediBuilds–and it’s in Spanish! Check out this really great video here: “Incredibuilds Harry Potter: Livros com modelo de madeira para montar | Cultura e Próxima Leitura.”

Articles & Bloggers

GeekDad wrote a blog about building the Shark IncrediBuilds model. He recalls that “the actual putting together of the model doesn’t take long. The instructions are easy to follow and I only had a few mistakes I had to undo. The wooden pieces came out easily and without fear of a splinter ruining my fun.” And to top it off; the shark kit comes with a baby shark! His son “picked up the remaining pieces and built the baby shark. It was nice to see him interested without us pointing it out to him. It didn’t take him long at all to put the baby together and he was happy with the end result.” Check out his full blog post and a short demonstration video here: “IncrediBuilds 3D Wooden Puzzle Kit Review.”

Sweep Tight wrote a blog post covering the R2D2, TIE Fighter, Dobby, Golden Snitch, and Leonardo models! To sum it up, “IncrediBuilds are an excellent way to get the whole family together. They are made from high quality, sustainable materials and can be colored to your liking.” We like getting crafty, too! Read the entire post on their site: “Harry Potter, TMNT, and Star Wars Model Kits – IncrediBuilds.”




“IncrediBuilds are an excellent way to get the whole family together. They are made from high quality, sustainable materials and can be colored to your liking.”

— Sweep Tight blog


Everyday Adventures with Kids had her two kids work on the shark model and the Dory model. Her son took the great white shark kit and built it in about two hours. “He really enjoyed building the shark and baby shark. He was really proud of himself for being able to build them without any adult help.” The Finding Dory IncrediBuild kit is recommended for ages 12+ but her nine-year-old daughter built the Dory model with little help. “This was a really fun activity and my daughter enjoyed building Dory and painting Dory.”

Her favorite part as a parent? “The IncrediBuilds kits are a great way to encourage hands on learning for children.” Read her entire review here: “Incredi-Build Building Kits For Kids Review.”


“The IncrediBuilds kits are a great way to encourage hands on learning for children”

— Everyday Adventures with Kids Blog


The IE Mommy used the IncrediBuilds kits during the summer when it was way too hot for her kids to play outside. Both her daughter and her son created IncrediBuilds models with assistance from their mom. “The finished product is really cute and Paige was proud to have something she built herself. Once completed you can paint or color it. In retrospect it’s probably easier to color before assembling if you go that route but luckily Paige is all about the paint!” Read more from the IE Mommy and hear her thoughts: “How to Keep the Kids Happy Indoors when it’s Scorching Outside! #Incredibuilds.”

Our Whimsical Days appreciates how easy IncrediBuilds models are for her and her kids to do together. Her daughter Kay made a dinosaur and a shark mom and baby together. “Before we started on the sharks, I asked her if she wanted to paint them first. ‘No, because then I’ll have to wait until they’re dry to put it together.’” Good point! Her full review is on her blog: “IncrediBuilds Wood Models – Minus The Glue.”

Mommy Makes Time also makes a good point – some summer days you have to unexpectedly spend inside! And if that is the case, what will the kids do while they have to be inside? On her blog post “IncrediBuilds- Unique 3D Models Review,” she recall their experience together building and coloring the Leonardo and Dory kits. “We had a blast working on Leonardo and while my children are much younger, they did a great job supervising my assembly. Younger children will require adult help but this is perfect for children ages eight and up!”

This family loves Disneyland, hence the name of their blog “Home is Where the Mouse Is.” They love spending time together, so the IncrediBuilds models were a great option for them to try! “Family Model Building Fun With IncrediBuilds” details their experience with the TIE Fighter and Dory models. He discovered an interesting point for parents who choose models for their kids. “When it was all said and done, the interests of the kids were the deciding factor.  Bella chose the ‘Star Wars’ TIE Fighter (12+) and Jackson chose Dory from ‘Finding Dory’ (12+). The Great White Sharks (age 8+) might have been more appropriate for Jackson given that he’s only 5.  It is also two separate models.  I could have done the adult, and he could have done the baby.”

Printables 4 Mom was looking for something different to entertain her kids over the summer, and she was happy to try a few IncrediBuilds models with her kids! She has three sons and each of them wanted to build their own model, which included the shark model, the Dobby model, and the TIE Fighter model. She notes that “while these models can be decorated and customized, we kinda like the natural wood look. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the boys decide to decorate them sometime in the near future.” Read her full review and recap of their experience “Incredibuilds and a Tie Fighter Printable!

If you are curious about the IncrediBuilds models, don’t hesitate check out IncrediBuilds for yourself! With so many types of models, there are many options for you to love.


IncrediBuilds at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

July 20, 2016

San Diego Comic-Con is here and IncrediBuilds is being featured at the Insight Editions booth! Visit booth #1703 to enter to win the San Diego Comic-Con IncrediBuilds Grand Prize: 1 large-scale IncrediBuilds: R2-D2!

The prize pack includes one of each of the following 3D Wood Model kits: Star Wars: R2-D2,Star Wars: TIE FighterHarry Potter: DobbyHarry Potter: Golden SnitchMarvel: Captain AmericaFinding Dory, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo. The prize winner’s name will be drawn at 1:00 PM on Sunday. Winner must collect prize by the end of the day.

Book Signings are at Insight Editions Booth #1703

We are very excited to report that Michael Kogge, author of Star Wars: R2-D2 Deluxe Book And Model Set and Star Wars: TIE Fighter Deluxe Book And Model Set will be signing his books at Comic-Con. Please check out the dates and times below so you can meet him and get your IncrediBuilds book signed!

Thursday, July 21st from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Michael Kogge, author of IncrediBuilds: Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Friday, July 22nd from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Michael Kogge, author of IncrediBuilds: Star Wars: R2D2


We hope to see you there!


IncrediBuilds Reviews & Awards

As a new company, we realize that it may be difficult for you to make a purchase without having much information about what other people think of that product. We know you are wondering what other people think of IncrediBuilds and we wanted to give you a quick update of reviews and awards!


My Thoughts, Ideas and Ramblings is a blog by Lisa Martin and she recently reviewed the IncrediBuilds models with her kids in tow. Lisa said, “Seriously, these puzzles are coolest things since sliced bread.  They have everything. There is a design for everybody from Star Wars to Harry Potter to Sharks to Butterflies.  Literally, something for everyone.” You can read her full review here and learn more about how her kids felt about the models.

During Shark Week, the Jersey Family Fun site decided to put together one of our Great White Sharks IncrediBuilds models to commemorate their love of sharks! Watch their quick video and see what they thought about their experience.


IncrediBuilds is also very excited to be honored by Mom’s Choice Awards for excellence in quality products and services for children and families! Our Harry Potter: Quidditch Deluxe Book and Model Set and the Star Wars: TIE Fighter Deluxe Book and Model Set were both selected for their award.












The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) evaluates products and services created for children, families and educators. The program is globally recognized for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. The organization is based in the United States and has reviewed thousands of items from more than 55 countries. Please feel free to read the details of the awards we received and what Mom’s Choice Awards had to say!

We want your IncrediBuilds model(s) to be treasured by your family for many years to come! We hope that you find your favorite IncrediBuilds model and make your own, or share these unique treasures with someone you love.

Introducing IncrediBuilds

Welcome to the IncrediBuilds website and blog! Our blog is just a fun way to keep you up-to-date on any new products, upcoming events, or exciting giveaways (yes, you read that right – we want to giveaway free stuff!).

If you have never heard of IncrediBuilds before, we take popular characters and combine that with your love of crafting to make 3-Dimensional wooden models for you to build and customize with artistic flare. Your IncrediBuilds model is your own unique work of art!

IncrediBuilds kits offer everything you need to build your own wood model of your favorite characters like Harry Potter’s DobbyStar Wars’ R2-D2, and Dory from Finding Dory. IncrediBuilds also has kits to delight animal fans including the Tyrannosaurus Rex,Great White SharkButterfly, and many more! If you are looking for more information on your model, our deluxe book and model sets include a hardcover book that offers a closer look at famous figures and characters with fun facts and behind-the-scenes info, like the legend behind Captain America or the origins of the game of Quidditch.

The models are constructed through following a few simple steps: First, review the illustrated instructions, and punch out the pieces. To make assembly incredibly easy, IncrediBuilds uses laser-cut pieces that are easy to assemble, and there is no need for glue, tape or tools to complete your model! Once the IncrediBuilds model is complete, you can bring it to life and make it your own with paint, glitter, and any other decorations you choose.

If you are worried about knowing how to decorate your model, there is no need to fret; we include decorating tips and ideas with every IncrediBuilds model. We also have an online gallery of decorated IncrediBuilds you can check out right now!

At IncrediBuilds, we want to help protect our planet, so if you are also into Earth-friendly products you will be happy to hear that each kit includes FSC-certified and laser-cut wood pieces harvested from environmentally conscious forests.

IncrediBuilds is a fun, unique, and eco-friendly way to build and customize your own 3D, wooden model. With so many IncrediBuilds models available, you are sure to find one for yourself (or two…or three!). There is an IncrediBuild for everyone you love!

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